Australasian Nurse Educators Conference 2009
30 September – 2 October 2009
Christchurch Convention Centre, New Zealand


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Educators from all areas of nursing are warmly invited to attend the 14th Annual Australasian Nurse Educator Conference being held in the “Garden City” Christchurch, New Zealand from September 30th to October 2nd 2009.

This conference plans to open and extend dialogue between nursing education and clinical nursing practice. Nurse Educators are aware of the issues facing the education of our current and future workforce whether we work in academic, clinical, rural or urban settings. This conference will seek innovative solutions to these issues.

Our slogan, “Working Together: education and practice”, encompasses three broad themes: Collaboration, Innovation & Integration. Nursing practice continually evolves and working together will enable us to further integrate education and practice. Please join us in Christchurch as a presenter, promoter or participant. We welcome your contribution and invite you to share your experience by submitting an abstract for a poster or presentation.

We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be an inspiring conference.

Christchurch is the host city for the 14th Australasian Nurse Educators Conference and if you are a visitor to our city, we are thoroughly convinced that you will enjoy your stay. Christchurch's special character is obvious in its glorious parks and gardens, which led it to win an international Garden City award. Christchurch today is a diverse, multi-cultural city with an enlivened arts and cultural scene. provides all you need to know if you are visiting Christchurch, including events & activities, travel and transport, maps, restaurants & shopping and accommodation.

You may view a map of the city by clicking here or a conference venue location map by clicking here

Christchurch Convention Centre

The Christchurch Convention Centre is a purpose-built convention venue. Situated in the heart of Christchurch’s CBD, this iconic Canterbury landmark is surrounded by deluxe accommodation and is only 15 minutes from the Christchurch International Airport.

Conference fees and details regarding early registration discounts can be viewed on the
registration page.

Call for abstracts will be available commencing 1st October 2008 and closes 15 May 2009. Applications will be made online from the conference webpage.

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Sponsorship and Trade Exhibition Opportunities
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Sydney Conference winners of the ½ price early-registration fee are:

* Andrew Crowther, Charles Sturt University NSW
* Fran Rogan, University of Technology, Sydney NSW

Winners - please contact the organiser by email.


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For all enquiries please contact the conference organiser:

Dave Treeby
Eventuate Ltd
P O Box 51-185
Wellington 5249

Ph/Fax: [+64] 4 232 4350 Mobile: 027 242 1019

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