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3 October | 4 October | 5 October

(All sessions are 30 minutes)
Wednesday 03 Oct 2007

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03 Oct
03 Oct
03 Oct
AA4 - Building capacity for clinical placements in a rural health service
Merylin Cross
AA2 - Capacity Building in the Perioperative Environment
Narelle Sommerfeld
AA3 - Helping novice nurses make effective clinical decisions: The Situated Clinical Decision-Making framework
Mary Gillespie, RN MSN, CCNC(C)
AA1 - Lost In Translation? Promoting Culturally Safe Nursing Care
Geraldine Clear
AA5 - The theory-practice relationship in nursing: A participatory debate
Peter gallagher (NZ) Karen Ousey (UK)
AB2 - Can E-learning Tools help Registered Nurses Demonstrate Clinical Competence
Wendy Day
AB1 - Cultural Safety as the Basis for Learning How to Care: Nursing Education in Hawai`i
Jeanine Tweedie
AB3 - Health professionals’ clinical teaching: A model of contemporary practice
Dr Rhonda Marriott
AB5 - Learning to teach emotional intelligence to undergrdauate nursing students
Teresa Sander
AB4 - Using Personality Preferences to Build Team Strengths
Bates W & Davis K
AC4 - Developing practice through a research process: using ‘solution-focused conversations’ in well child nursing
Linda Polaschek
AC3 - Establishing Dedicated Education Units: The Canterbury experience
Deborah Sims and Janine Hale
AC2 - Interprofessional education for primary health care professionals: a choice to enable effective team work in health care delivery
Eileen McKinlay & Sue Pullon
AC1 - Self and work practice: A reflection of the influence of family on development of Koort Mooditj, an alternative enabling pathway into nursing.
Dr Rhonda Marriott
AC5 - Work role transition; from staff nurse to clinical nurse educator
Liz Manning


The following posters will be displayed during the course of the day. The posters will be displayed in ‘Oceania’. This room is where morning and afternoon tea and lunches will be served so you will be able to review posters during these times. The author and / or presenter of the poster will be attending the poster during the lunch hour which will provide you with the chance to discuss poster details and aspects of the research on an informal basis.

An interactive CD for new prescribers and supervisors
Debbie Bassett-Clarke
Six impossible things before breakfast : mastering Preceptorship
Donnelly, M : Stillwell Y M
Collaborative Evidence Endeavours: The Charms and Challenges
Jan Tait & Gillian Sim
Achieving Nurse Led Oral Health Education
Emma Collins, Mercy Thomas, Nicola Fair
Mo Wai Te Ora Clinical Enrichment Model WDHB
Gabrielle and Yvonne