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Boot Camp Benefits for Weight Loss

Boot camps are workout sessions held in the outdoors and provide a dynamic environment that is just perfect for intense exercise. They toughen you from within; both physically and mentally. Workouts at a typical boot camp combine sessions of intense exercises to get your body into the best shape. In fact, there are several benefits of joining a boot camp which is why they are your best bet for maximum weight loss. Dave Mills, a personal trainer at Coogee Fitness recommends the following;

Complete your Weight Loss Program Successfully

Most people quit their weight loss programs midway as it becomes repetitive and boring after a few weeks. But at boot camp sessions; the pace never slackens. You are forever on your toes, running; jumping; doing workouts; challenging each other over newer games and much more.

There are intervals of short duration but most of the time you are pitting yourself against harder challenges. All this motivates you to stay focussed; perform better and aim for the next milestone in your weight loss goal.


Target your Entire Body  

Boot camps offer sessions of workouts that target your whole body. They combine exercises for your core, lower body, glutes, arms, legs, back and shoulder so that the entire body is shaped and sculpted to perfection.

In each session you get to do different types of workouts such as aerobic, cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility. Every large and small muscle of your body is targeted through gruelling workouts that have highest impact.

Burn Maximum Calories 

There is no other way! Your body will definitely have to shed all that flab once you complete these killer workouts. The weight loss programs are so designed that you are guaranteed to burn high amount of calories per session. The various combinations of workouts and challenging games give you a total body workout for maximum fat burning.

Moreover, the sessions are so structured that you are constantly moving from one round to the next with very little break in-between. You are always switching between different exercises that challenge your body relentlessly.

Learn to Stay Fit for Life 

Boot camps ensure you stay healthy for life. Most workouts do not require any equipment which means you can do them even at home. You also learn all about eating right and planning healthy meals from everyday ingredients. All this ensures you can maintain those healthy habits easily without any further guidance.

Boot Camps are for Everybody

The best thing about these camps is that they appeal to everybody across gender, age groups and fitness level. Even if you are a beginner, your boot camp instructor will make you feel at home and demonstrate the workouts personally so that you feel confident and included.

Finding the best fitness boot camp training workout area requires some trial and error and plently of persistence!

Then there are boot camps that cater to people with special needs. So if you are looking to shed post-pregnancy fat; gain strength post injury; shed adolescence fat or just improve your fitness level in middle age; there is always a boot camp for you.

And these sessions are affordable too. Since the cost is shared among the participants, it becomes easier for you to enrol even if you don’t have much money to spend on fitness.