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Training for Beginners – Dos and Don’ts


Bodybuilding is definitely a major craze today though it has always been one of the oldest and greatest passion for fitness freaks worldwide. Bodybuilding enhances health, boosts your fitness levels and keeps you in perfect shape.

The best thing about bodybuilding is that it is suitable for everyone irrespective of age and sex. You may pursue bodybuilding beginner workouts at any age and build muscle, gain weight, lose fat and get into great shape. You must keep in mind a few things if you are interested in hiring personal trainers to build your body. For more information, be sure to visit Dangerously Fit Personal Training.

The Dos

  • Do keep your energy high and train hard. As a beginner you need to keep yourself motivated all the time till you are able to fulfil your fitness goals. You need to really work hard and be completely dedicated to your fitness training programme and schedule. This is the only way to shred fat and get ripped quick.
  • Do try to be consistent. You must stick to your training programme religiously and bring about a lifestyle modification to accommodate the fitness regime and stick with the bodybuilding ideas.
  • Do set a realistic goal for yourself. Different people have different reasons for beginning this fitness programme. You may be aspiring to gain weight, or lose fat or build muscle, or become a pro body builder, or be a fitness model or just get into good shape. No matter what you are aspiring to be, you need to set precise targets before you start your fitness journey.
  • Do Identify a Suitable Gym: Choose a gym close to your house so that you could go walking and you do not have to come up with excuses for skipping a training session. Check out the gym ambiance and see if you feel totally relaxed and comfortable there.
  • Look for Professional Help: Join a gym that allows personal trainer services. So that you can hire a personal trainer and seek professional advice on fitness programme and get effective suggestions for your diet that is truly complementing your fitness goals.
  • Seek Clinical Evaluation: Every beginner should go for a complete fitness assessment and see if there are any issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. that may not be conducive to the strict fitness regime.
  • Do concentrate on free weights: Gyms today boast of fancy machines, but these machines often are not that effective in building a solid muscle mass. Barbells and dumbbells are just right for a beginner to build muscle.
  • Remember to add more weight gradually: If you wish to build muscles rapidly, you need to increase the weight you have been lifting consistently.
  • Rely on compound movements: You may feel like doing all the workouts demonstrated on fitness websites and magazines, but it is a good idea to concentrate on basic movements initially. Include exercises such as the deadlift, the squat, the military shoulder press and the barbell press in your fitness routine. Do those workouts that help in exercising two muscle groups all at once.

personal training

The Don’ts

Do not indulge in training everyday: Your routine should include only three to four workout sessions each week. You should not train more frequently than that if you are a beginner. It helps to rest and recover in the remaining days of the week.

Do not ignore Proteins: You cannot overlook the importance of proteins. Proteins are found in fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products, milk, vegetables and nuts. You could also consume a protein shake before or after a strenuous workout session for stimulating your body.

Do not eat wrong: Do not consume junk and do not forget to have plenty of water and fluids.

Do not consider having any diet medicines: Do not try to achieve fast results by taking harmful diet medicines. Diet medicines for bodybuilding is not recommended as they could prove to be injurious to your health at times.