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Transforming Your Body With Calorie Deficit for Fast Weight Loss

If your clients are not kept motivated, your fitness business will eventually suffer. Quite often clients get disappointed at not seeing quick weight loss results; they find the effort to work out too taxing; or they find they have not properly configured work-out timings into their daily schedule.

The result is such clients totally give up the idea of any physical training. As a professional personal trainer with good fitness certifications you would like to ensure that your expertise and knowledge help clients to stay motivated – even in the face of the aforementioned issues. To help you to deal with and overcome such issues, you can try the following methods:

• Once you get to know the client’s approach to working out, if it is veering towards negative, you need to use verbal boosters such as “you can do this” – “you have the required strength to succeed” – “you can lose weight fast”. The clients should repeatedly mouth such confidence boosters to themselves. More often than not it makes a difference in their approach and keeps them committed.

Transforming your body is by no means easy. The recommended calorie intake per day to lose fat is roughly 28 x your bodyweight in kilos minus 20%. It’s a fine balance, if you don’t cut your calories by enough you won’t lose weight. But, if you cut calories too much you could be losing weight too fast which means your’e losing muscle mass. This is never good because muscle is the only tissue that is metabolically expensive so you’ll end up gaining more weight in the long term.

• Many people take up physical training even when they harbour some personal stress issues. Such mental strain can impact their working out. This is because stress impacts some areas of the mind with regard to attention and focus when it comes to support of different muscles. So unless such stress is controlled the workouts will not be effective. As learnt during fitness certifications, a few good breathing exercises done before working out could help to temporarily relieve such stress.